• Website address is:
  • Bookings and enquiries can be made by email, post, fax and 'phone.
  • Telephone: 01522 538087
  • Fax: 01522 560642
  • Nearest Train Station is 1 km: plenty taxis
  • Nearest Bus Stop to city centre is 250m
  • Starter groceries can be purchased ahead by prior arrangement.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • There is ample car parking space on site.
  • A gravel drive leads from Langworthgate through a wooden gate to parking areas at the front and side of the house.
  • Car parking bays are signed.
  • A 1m wide gravel path leads from the front to a level paved area at the visitor (side) entrance.


  • The visitor entrance door is 86 cm wide, level, no threshold.
  • Right hand keyhole 125 cm high.
  • Lever handle 86 cm high.
  • Assisted closer.

Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors

  • A quarry tile floored corridor 1m wide and with dust mats leads to Apartment 1 and stair case to first floor.
  • Carpeted staircase to first floor comprises a total of 20 steps each 19cm high and 80cm wide.
  • There are two mini landings 85cm by 82cm.
  • Hand rail on RHS ascending only, 6cm diameter 90cm high.

Apartment 1 main room

  • Fire door entrance is 82cm wide, right hand keyhole 127cm high.
  • Push handle 86cm high, assisted closer.
  • 1.2m space outside door and 2.9m x 1.9m space inside.
  • Twin single beds 60cm above carpeted floor with 1+m transfer space.
  • Easily reached bedside light switches.

Shower-room & WC

  • Bathroom door 74cm wide with 1.3m space either side.
  • Shower cubicle is 76cm x 100cm with 15cm step up.
  • Shower door is 66cm wide, slides to right.
  • Pedestal wash basin 77cm high
  • Wooden towel rail 77cm high.
  • Separate door to toilet; toilet centre line is 45cm from walls.
  • Pull cord light switch for shower and toilet areas.


  • Doorway to kitchen/diner is 64cm wide.
  • Clear floor space 1.2m x 1.2m.
  • Circular table 75cm diameter with 75cm under.
  • Hob and work surfaces 92cm high, 60cm deep, with cupboards under.
  • Oven controls at 108cm high; microwave controls at 120 - 150cm high.
  • Base of wall cupboards 171cm high. Double step perching stool provided.
  • Power sockets at 135 - 140cm high. Fire blanket at 150cm high.
  • Normal floor standing refrigerator and washer/dryer appliances.

Grounds and Gardens

  • Visitor access to gardens

Additional Information

  • Owners live on site in ground floor apartment.

St Clements Old Rectory
Langworth Gate
LIncoln LN2 4AD
Telephone: 01522 538087
Fax: 01522 560642
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Emergency numbers:
Lincolnshire Police 01522 532222
Lincolnshire Fire Brigade 01522 582222
Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust: County Hospital 01522 512512
Lindum Medical Practice 01522 569033
Local equipment hire companies:
Disability Equipment - GPSP Ltd. : 01522 688388
Local public transport numbers:
Roadcar Busses 0845 6050605
Translinc Busses 01522 503400
Handsome Cab Taxis 01522 548904
Discount Cabs Taxis 01522 567800

Comfortable self-catering accommodation
Convenient, close to Historic Lincoln
Character and charm of Victorian Rectory
Modern facilities and conveniences