Q    What time can we arrive?
A    Your apartment is normally ready by 2pm: if it is already cleaned, you can come in as soon as you like.  Your luggage can be stored until then.

Q    When do we have to vacate our apartment?
A    Please vacate your apartment by 10 am so it can be cleaned for the next visitors.

Q    Are there hairdryers?
A    Yes

Q    Is there a bath?
A    No.  However there is a bath in the guest bedroom which can be used if there is no-one staying there.

Q    Is it electric cooking?
A    Yes.

Q    Is there central heating?
A    Yes; each radiator has a thermostat that can be individually set.

Q    Do we have to pay for heating and hot water as extras?
A    No; they come from the main central boiler.

Q    How does the electricity meter work?
A    Insert £1 coin through the slot, then turn the knob all the way to the stop and back again.  About two £1 coins last for a week, depending on your usage.

Q    How far is it to walk to Bailgate?
A    About 400 metres; allow ten to twelve minutes.

Q    If we arrive early, can we park the car?
A    Yes, there is normally plenty of space to park; but please do not block anyone in.

Q    Is there a clothes line?
A    Yes; just to the left of the visitor entrance.

Q    Can we use the garden?
A    Yes; some patio tables and chairs have been provided.

Q    Can we have visitors?
a    Yes, they are very welcome.

Comfortable self-catering accommodation
Convenient, close to Historic Lincoln
Character and charm of Victorian Rectory
Modern facilities and conveniences